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Au-Pairs: An au-pair is a single boy/girl aged between 17-27 who is able to stay in England for up to 2 years. He/she will stay and function as part of a family, having meals and joining in on family activities etc. A position with the family will includes free board and room which should be kept tidy at all times.

Hours: Approximately 5 hours daily on a 5 day basis is worked; a maximum of 25 hours per week with up to 2 evenings babysitting. In return you will receive a minimum of £90 a week pocket money, and this will increase if more hours are worked.

Duties: Typical duties will include housework (washing-up, ironing, dusting etc.), preparing meals for the children, collection from school and general childcare. It is important for you to be confident looking after the child/children in the absence of the parents. It is your responsibility.

Free time: You will have at least 1 full day off per week + Sunday and usually Saturday off for studies. The exact days and times will be arranged with the host family. Make sure you have good communication with the family, as this is important to solve any problems.

Phone: Phone calls must only be made with permission unless you make prior arrangements for payment.

Smoking: Most families object to smoking, especially around the child/children. It is likely you will be dismissed if caught smoking without permission.

General: If you are unhappy about something talk to the family. Problems can be solved if dealt with straight away. It may take time to get used to the child/children so be patient. During your work hours try to remain busy helping around the house or ask the family if there is something specific they would like you to do. Some families like their privacy in the evenings so make sure you know what they prefer. In general, try to be as helpful as you can and always ask if you are unsure about anything. One full week’s notice is required in writing to both the Agency and to the Family.

School: You should have at least a basic knowledge of English. Most au-pairs attend language classes about twice a week. College usually starts in September, with exams taken in June and December. These classe are paid for by you unless the family offer otherwise. Make sure you come to England with enough money for these costs and emergencies.

Travel: You are responsible for your own fare to and from home. The family will meet you from the airport unless other arrangements have been made. If there are any travel delays you must contact the Agency and the family immediately.

Invitation: The Agency will contact you when placement with a family has been found. This will be followed by a letter of invitation from that family. It is important to tell your family about the travel details. After you have booked your ticket please notify the Agency of the flight arrangements. Do not book your ticket until you receive invitation by letter or telephone