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General: An Au-Pair placement is a single male/female aged between 17-27 who wishes to come to the UK to study English. They will live as part of an English speaking family and can stay for up to 2 years unless from a country within the EEC.

A £50 supplement will be payable for certain nationalities.

Position: There are 3 positions Au Pair = 25 hours from £90-100 per week, Au Pair plus up to 30 hours = from £120 per week, and mothers Help from 40 hours from £200 per week, drivers get more, and some families agree to contribute towards the cost of the language school.

Travel: The Au-Pair is responsible for his/her travel. We would expect the family to collect the Au-Pair on their arrival or make alternative arrangements.

Hours: The Au-Pair will work approximately 5 hours daily on a 5 hour basis; a maximum of 25 hours per week with up to 2 evenings babysitting and should be entitled to 2 Saturday nights free per month.

Duties: Typical duties will include housework (washing-up, ironing, dusting etc.), general childcare (preparing meals for the children, collection from school, dressing, supervision when required etc.) and domestic pet care. Also, 2 nights babysitting will be expected. An exact description of the Au-Pair duties should be arranged at the start of the placement to avoid confusion later, preferably a rota to show exact free time and when they should be working.

Board: A position with the family will include free board and room which the Au-Pair is expected to keep tidy. Other facilities (TV, bathroom etc.) should be made available and the Au-Pair should be treated as part of the family.

Free time: The Au-Pair should have at least 1 full day + Sunday and usually Saturday off, plus time for their studies. Exact days and times can be arranged with the family. Good communication is important as this will solve any problems at an early stage and promote good English skills.

Health care: If the Au-Pair registers with a local NHS doctor then healthcare is free.

Holidays: A period of 2 weeks paid holiday plus bank holidays should be given for every 6 months completed at the host’s residence.

Visa: Some applicants that live outside the EEC will require a work permit. We therefore require the placement fee and invitation letter before be book the flight.